Simon Blackburn
£150 / hr

Simon Blackburn

£150 per hour

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I am a Strategy consultant specialising in commercial growth levers, particularly pricing and promotions. I have guided some of the world’s best known brands to revenue and margin growth by improving the way they leverage price positioning.

Price Setting
Simon can help with

Pricing and promotions strategies

Are you selling a range of products/services, but you’re unsure whether you’ve captured their full value? Are you unsure how to play pricing tactics alongside your go to market strategy? I can help you evaluate your market to determine your potential options and the benefits/limitations of these. I can help you “war game” competitor strategies and how to counteract these, and I can advise on the psychology behind pricing that may affect your customers. If you have the data, I can also help you build forecasting tools to model and track potential outcomes.

Portfolio strategy

I can help you with….

Understanding how to optimise your current product portfolio and resources to maximise the chances of achieving your goals.

Every organisation has finite time and resource. A lack of a cohesive approach across different products/channels/markets can sometimes lead to missed opportunity to lower returns. To maximise your returns you should

-       Be clear on your long-term objectives

-       Understand your internal and external constraints

-       Leverage your strengths/address your weaknesses

-       Set clear targets and mobilise your teams around them

I can help you in this journey: with everything from evaluating your products and markets, to crunching the numbers, and mobilising your commercial teams. 

Business consultancy

I can help assess the state of your current business. Your current business model, strategy, finances, processes, people and data, in order to prioritise where your efforts should focus to achieve your goals. I bring an “outside in” perspective having worked with dozens of organisations of all shapes and sizes. I will help you identify what your strengths are and how to leverage them, as well as what your weaknesses are and how to address them.