Rob Dixon
£100 / hr

Rob Dixon

£100 per hour

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27 years in the public (RAF) and private sectors.

Technical instructor and human performance coach.

Establishment and maintenance of safety and operating risk management systems, training management and complex, dynamic operations.

Human and organisational performance and culture specialist.

Masters qualified in Human Performance and Safety Management.

Rob can help with

Safety and Operational Risk

Establishing and maintaining safety and operating risk management systems, including establishing an organisational culture, ensuring complex operations are effective and efficient with minimised risk, whilst maintaining a focus on quality.  I achieved this for one particular organisation of over 15000 people, spread over 11 main sites (UK and overseas) with £multi-billion of assets, resulting in a reduction in incidents and more effective operational output and improved staff morale.

Training Systems

Establishing effective training systems to support both the learner and the accountable manager. I have supported organisations implement training systems globally, whether from new or optimising existing systems and have supported with a full suite of courseware and documentation. Learners have commented on how much more engaging and easier to understand are the courses. Accountable managers are assured that all learners have been given the complete training experience.

Human and Organisational Performance

Establishing human and organisational performance improvements in complex, dynamic operations. I have been an instructor for many years and my knowledge and skills were honed in some of the most demanding environments in the RAF and these improvements are equally available to small, medium and larger organisations.