Paul Soanes
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Paul Soanes

£180 per hour

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I am an entrepreneur and start-up investor.

I co-founded one of the UK's first experiential marketing agencies, iD ( in 1994. iD is a multi-award winning agency whose enduring success has been driven by its ability to continually innovate and lead experiential communications in the UK.

In 2003, I co-founded Brandspace ( which revolutionised the way brands accessed & bought media in major destinations such as airports and malls. We sold Brandspace to a private equity-backed group in 2008.

In August 2014, I co-founded Worth Capital, which through national scale media-backed startup competitions, finds and funds high growth start-ups via our Startup Series Fund.

Start Ups
Business Development
Paul can help with

Get investment ready

For an organisation or program to secure an impact investment, it needs to be ‘investment ready’. There are various attributes that I can help you with including:

Measuring social or environmental impact.

Business planning and modelling

I have experience in building plans for many different business models. Let's discuss and find out what it is you're trying to achieve so we can build a plan around the desired results.


I can help you get the funding your business needs to succeed by increasing your chances of securing funding with a professional and well thought out financial model giving investors confidence in your business.

Answer their questions before they ask them.