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Ideas on their own hold little value, it's the action around that idea that counts, and it's here where my passion sits. I will bring a driving force to your business, guide you through the development, testing and iteration of your product, helping you achieve a product-market fit with a unique value proposition. I will develop your go-to-market strategy and assist you with all levels of investment and help you to build a robust platform to scale your business.

At 27, I founded Europe's leading Data Archiving Solutions provider, integrating critical systems to organisations such as Cambridge Seismic Laboratories, The Financial Times, GCHQ and The European Space Observatory. The business was at the cutting edge of Digital Video, and we were partners in the design and integration of the first video to mobile delivery platform hosted in the UK.

I've since co-founded and exited the UK's largest staffing provider to the Supported Housing sector, and I've co-founded an award-winning online marketplace for surplus building and DIY products, winning the largest seed funding competition in the UK and developing the business ready for its series B investment round.

I hold real-world experience in starting and scaling fast-growing organisations, and I've honed my ability to bootstrap a business, evolve the proposition, grow without being hampered, secure funding and scale by implementing the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners.  

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Growth and Investment

I work with new and established businesses, helping them launch new products and initiatives as well as securing seed and growth funding. I also occasionally work with distressed companies with the most notable instance where I negotiated and secured a £38.1M property recovery deal.