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Matt Lawson

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Matt Lawson (Msci Msc CEng MIET) is the Founder of Downstream Innovation and has over 20 years experience leading Innovation and R&D in one of the world’s leading Telecommunications and ICT companies. As Director of Applied Innovation he led the creation of BT’s Applied Technology Centre, transformed BT’s Hothouse and Innovation Showcases and provided new strategic direction to the Innovation Martlesham tech cluster of over 100 companies. Prior to this he was Head of Multimedia Research as well as having experience in both project and programme management. Matt has also recently taken on the role of Head of Internal Innovation at L Marks. He is also a certified leadership coach, experienced mentor and chartered engineer.

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As Director of Innovation at BT I lead an innovation programme of 40 – 50 projects per year across all aspects of BT’s business delivering new products and services, customer experience improvements and efficiencies. Also lead a “culture of innovation” programme across BT helping over a thousand people achieve a BT accreditation in innovation.

I can help you with improving your innovation process, tools, skills, culture so that you deliver consistent bottom line impact and results [for medium to large organisations]

As part of BT’s “external innovation” function, I was responsible for bringing tech start-ups from around the world to BT and it’s customers and helping them engage and work effectively with BT or its corporate customers through BT Global Services. I typically worked with 20+ start-ups per year.

I can help you with finding a way into your target corporate customers, how to pitch effectively to them, how to develop your proposition in customer and business language, develop relevant industry sector use cases and work effectively with them to maximise your chance of sustainable future business. [for Technology Start-Ups & Tech SME’s

I have experience of developing innovation training programmes for BT, L Marks (for their corporate customers) and Imperial College London.

I can help you with training your leaders and teams in a practical repeatable methodology and tools set covering the entire end to end innovation process: from problem or opportunity identification and creative idea generation through to developing a commercial proposition, selecting an appropriate implementation approach and implementing agile experiments with real customers to reach a minimal viable product.

I managed BT’s Innovation Centre and Showcases at their R&D Headquarters where I hosted between 100 – 150 of BT’s global corporate customers at CX level as well as key influencers such as press, government, regulators, analysts and shareholders. I was also responsible for Innovation 2015 and 2017 – a major innovation exhibition and conference in the East of England hosted by BT. Finally, I was responsible for 40 – 50 Innovation Hothouses annually focused on the rapid acceleration of new product and services or technology innovations into delivery.

I can help you with designing, delivering and facilitating innovation events of different types: conferences, exhibitions, competitions, workshops etc regardless of audience, scale or duration