Geoff Iveson
£200 / hr

Geoff Iveson

£200 per hour

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A professional problem solver and seasoned director, who is capable of identifying growth and investment opportunities, implementing a long-term strategy through experience-based planning and innovative execution. Having grown a number of businesses from grassroots through to AIM-listed readiness, Geoff brings extensive experience in leveraging a developed, sophisticated network of peers to further business potential and drive investment. A supportive, thoughtful and engaging approach to the task at hand, building authentic relationships to obtain buy-in from all stakeholders, commanding respect through approachability and sincerity. Equally at home navigating the hierarchy of global investment agencies, as he is developing local SMEs supported by his dynamic and proportionate approach to risk.

Geoff can help with

Positioning and Business Plan

identification of present and future positioning to business advantage, particularly in writing a practical, living Business Plan.

Talent Placement

Start-up identification of key positions assisting with the placing of those pertinent candidates required.

Business Turnaround

Analysing the requirements for an established business's revitalisation leading to profitable growth and advising on the implementation process.