Allan Aitchison
£130 / hr

Allan Aitchison

£130 per hour

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I operate as an IT Leader, leading major transformation and refocusing of IT in companies from SME to FTSE 15 PLC, creating and implementing business and IT strategy from IT as an enabler to IT as a product, created secure, reliable and scalable solutions while collecting revenue.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Product management
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Product management

By default, I work on managing the existing portfolio of products both for internal and external customers. 

This is built up of features, customers, profitability models, designs and financial forecasts. At SSE this included large technical and business change with new customer products.

I can help you increase the potential of your product.


I have run over 50 acquisitions and about 5 divestments. 

On one £1.5bn acquisition (based on a carve-out). I successfully delivered the due diligence, acquisition plan, agreed on the TSA and delivered the plan. It worked well, with the acquired management remaining – and both parties gained improvements from the scale, existing contracts and existing investments from the PLC and the management, pace, and certain technology choices and specialist expertise of the acquired company. While working on a due diligence engagement, the board talked about which technologies should their product be made of. As part of the leveraged MBO project, I created a new architecture, product plan and how the buy their carve-out ready to be sold to a large technology firm in 5 years.


I can advise and develop your strategy. 

As an example, I was shown data proving that direct competitors would compete and dominate one companies market in 10 years. I was asked to come up with the plan. The plan evolved with board input into a 5 year £160m program built of a series of profitable projects that built together to turn this business around. 

This changed the profitability of IT from £1m new profit from IT to £340m and on an upward curve. I was asked to review an outsource that had already spent 25% of the cost in the first 16% of contract, not delivered on key contractual elements, the customer was about to leave and it was going to make at least a £10m loss. I turned this round to a £28m profit within the 3-year term of the contract.